20 November 2012

FT Friday!

 I have to admit, I am not too down with the whole fake tanning obsession.  I normally slap on a bit of holiday sun and go.  The whole dedicating a whole evening to rubbing in a suspect brown coloured substance on to my skin, with the view of looking like I've just sauntered off an Ibiza beach, when in reality I end up looking like a tea stained monster of the deep.  No matter how professionally I may apply it, to then also adopt a biscuit/potato scent that will then linger for the rest of the week. No thanks!

So when I was recently invited to Eskimo's press day and given, of all fake tans to try, Lauren's Way...I was admittedly sceptical.  Now I am not really into Towie, so don't really know much about it...Bar the obvious of course, of Fake tan, Hair extensions galour and Lashes.  Throw in a Vajazzle and apparently your set for your night out.  So I thought why not.  I'll give it a whirl, after all Lauren's way was claiming like every other FT product out there, to have no streaks, give your the desired bronzed look and without THAT smell.
 So FT Friday commenced...(if I am honest it was more like FT Thursday), as I did a pre-coat just to gear me up for my gradual transformation.
 I actually didn't really do any prepping, bar ensuring I had freshly shaved legs etc.  I simply cracked on with squirting on that familiar brown cream all over using a mitt to ensure every squirt was equally rubbed in.

 Fetching pre-FT pic...pale and interesting.
 This is exactly what I did all over.
 Application was pretty painless and all of the product rubbed in evenly without any problems. after the first coat this is what you'll look like.  Not too scary.
First Coat done, and already I look more bronzed.  Friday was then spent applying a coat as soon as I got it, and another before I went to bed.

Now come Saturday, I am not going to like I did have a moment of panic.  When it came to washing it off...I looked very brown.  Also when I began to wash my face, this bad boy was not shifting so easily.  After a good scrub of the face all was fine, rinsing it off everywhere else was easy and I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by the even bronze that was left behind, I probably could have gone a bit darker, but at least I was rid of that pasty hue.  Just before heading out I rubbed some of Cauldalie's Divine oil to give me a glowing sheen, I couldn't even smell a hint of that well know FT stench, only the body oil.

All in all I would definitely recommend this little bottle of bronze, especially after the compliments on the colour I got!


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