31 October 2012

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN hUmPdAy!!

For those of you who are getting the Chrimbo decorations at the ready.  Hold fire, I have my Halloween decorations already on the go.  Now don't get me wrong I don't go all out for halloween, however randomly bought some decorative bits to go round the house just for the sake of it.  So where better than to post them on my blog as a festive trick or treat!

 I have felt a bit out of the Halloween loop this year, pretty much missing out on all ghoulish events. So yesterday I made a conscious decision to dress especially dark and gothic today, even going so far as to investing in some, Pumpkin orange Barry M web crackle nail polish, which co-ordinated nicely with my Pumpkin Ipad cover.
 (models own)
 I have even gone as far as to injecting some halloween accessories into my outfit, by adding my new Topshop skull neclace, which I am loving right now.
If you are going all out for Halloween or just adding a little something something, have a fabulous time, hopefully with plenty more Treats than Tricks!

29 October 2012

Sanctuary's 35th birthday...put me down to celebrate that!

So as well as it being the Sanctuary's Birthday it was also my mothers, so what else was there to do do then  combine the two.  So off we went a group of very willing ladies to have a day of pampering!  Of course we travelled in style on good ol' Tfl..to regroup in the lovely Covent Garden.

 In to the warmth and serenity of The sanctuary's shop, to then disappear through the back up stairs that would take us to reception.  Here we were whisked off, to get checked in before we rid ourselves of the constraints of clothes to be kitted out in what would be our outfit for rest of the day, cozzie and a white fluffy robe.  No complaints on that front.

Prior to our treatments we had a brief snoop around the changing rooms and other facilities on various floors.
Products were on tap, for us to test at any opportunity, I was looking forward to my shower even before I'd got stuck in to any treatments we had in store.
So off me and my girls went for our chosen treatment, which was the Hamman Rasul Experience.  I will say probably is best done with a group of close girly mates, well if you weren't before you will be after this.  The treatment has four spots.  You each have a hairband, paper knickers, a bowl of mud infused with Shea and a pot of honey laid out in front of you.  Left to your own devices, you all change into just knickers, to then slather yourselves with mud all over body and hair, if you so desire- I went all out and definitely desired the fully muddied up look.  The honey is applied to your face as a kind of face mask.  Once you are all covered in war paint, the four of you sit in a steam room for what seems like a long while, to rid the body of toxins apparently.  Once you get over the initial awkwardness of the fact you are all wearing paper knickers that don't leave alot to the imagination and covered in nothing but mud, well it all becomes quite amusing and you eventually relax and get into the whole experience.  After 20mins, a monsoon shower comes on to wash you all off.  Free from the steam, you are then encouraged to use creams and body oils, whilst drying off and re-robing.  Put it this way me and my brothers girlfriend, have a new found closeness and I will never look at paper knickers in the same way.  All in all it was good fun and I would recommend anyone to give it a go, and if anything a huge amount of belly laughs were welcomed.

Off for a spot of lunch in the Koi Carp Lounge, accompanied by some Cosmo bubble cocktails.
 Throw in a complimentary cupcake, bucks fizz and my co-ordinated toe nails.
 Put it this way, I think all of us ladies could very much get used to this.....A few more hours of  jumping in various Jacuzzis, steam rooms and pools.  We all then finished off with a final infrared treatment. The six of us sat in a row with strategically placed dry heat lamps behind and in front of us, which are said to help reduce aches and pains, also helping you lose a potential 800calories.  .  Needless to say, much as we did sweat, we definitely did not sweat out the suggested 800 calories, which is a shame....Last chance to douse ourselves in yet more Sanctuary products whilst showering and soaking up the last of our Spa session.

One last treat, and how better to finish off a truly relaxing day but with a trip to Jamie's Italian.....and plenty more bubbles.  All in all very much a perfect Sunday....

25 October 2012

Off to the "Candy shop"... AKA visit to Mac

So off I went last night frog marching up and down Oxford street, for a bit of Make-up retail therapy.  Of course I had to squeeze this in between finishing work, and meeting friends for after works drinks....just the way I love to shop.  So it was mission Selfridges and then mission onto MAC.
 I refer to Mac as the candy shop, because I literally revert to a kid in a candy shop.
 If I don't know where to start, and I'm meant to be the professional god knows how the everyday shopper manages.

 Next stop after tackling House of Fraser, Debenhams of course I couldn't miss Selfridges.
 If your not keen on denting your debit card like me.  Remember, you can always hit the beauty counters and grab a few samples of products before paying out the full whack.  Whilst in Selfridges I picked up some foundation samples to trial, just to be sure shades, coverage was exactly right for me.  I would definitely advise this especially if your unsure on whats right for you.
Uh Oh!  A mini marathon done and dusted, and one dented debit card....well it would be rude to come home empty handed!

24 October 2012

Look me up!


If your liking the blog check out my website, drop me a line if there is anything specific you want to know, Make-up wise... anything else I can try and help.

Hunger Magazine...Thankyou Rankin

Finally the new Hunger has arrived.  Kindly delivered to our Ugly Models office, along with a handy bag to carry it.  This bag was definitely needed, let me tell you this mag is packed full of juiciness!!

22 October 2012

October treats...

Check out the team @ Cronecorkill.  Hitting up a day of mass promoting, with the theme of "Ghouls just wanna have fun" Definitely looks like they were having fun with the ghostly goings on of October!  
If anyone else has any themed work events they want posting up...or even Halloween parties your going all out for, send them my way, I'd love to see what crazy ideas you come up with!

If you love your lashes you will love these, found on a fab website:

Something a little different but perfect if you Halloween outfit is missing that certain Je ne sais quoi!

 Dear and Butterflies
Ideal for an October occassion-Spiders

Cheeky peek

As well as my new found love for blogging, I also write a number of articles for a well known slimming brand.  Article features range from hints and tips, to the latest trends with whats hot in terms of new products.  

You may even recognise the lovely lady below, as she featured in last weeks Metro.

Up and coming articles are in progress as we speak.

Looks like it's official.....The new addition

Good news for me.... I have hopped on board with The lovely Make-Up Junkies.   Below is some behind the scenes. Working alongside fellow Junkie Lauren, on a winter wonderland shoot, for QVC.
 Jamie Lee strutting her stuff for the camera.
Nothing like a winter wonderland shoot to remind you Christmas is fast approaching, I am sticking to my guns though ....plenty of October and November shenanigans to be had before then.  In the meantime I am very excited for future jobs working with the Make-up Junkies.

Check the team out for yourself!


21 October 2012

A day in September with Tom Odel and his band

You may have heard of Tom by now, as he has been making quite a name for himself.  His song "Another Love" opening Burberry's show at LFW.
I recently assisted alongside Hair/Makeup artist Gary Gill, on a shoot, down at Dean Street studios.  Not only did I meet Tom and the band, but I was also priveledged enough to hear their soon to be released new material along with "Another Love" performed live in the recording studio.

Definately one to be downloaded...have a listen and see for yourself.

Perks of the job,Thankyou Cauldalie!

As well as my new found love of blogging, I also write a number of articles.  For this I recommend a number of tried and tested products.
Finally, my feature on a well known company have paid off.  Cauldalie have a range of amazing products, which I personally use as well as professionally.  In return for mentioning them as a trusted brand, they kindly sent my through a generous goody bag.....
Much appreciated Cauldalie!

Let's not forget October.....

I see everyone seems to be getting a bit carried away with the Christmas countdown.  However might I remind you, we still have plenty of other events in between now and Christmas.  Halloween is quickly approaching, and whilst I'm sure plenty of you won't be short of ghoulish inspiration, i thought i'd add a little more.

I have already been hearing from friends that Halloween is even in-filterating the work place. With events such as " Ghouls just want to have fun"(DK) and "Freaky Friday".  So with this in mind I stumbled across a few treasures, that I thought would be pretty amazing to vamp up your Halloween.
Halloween doesn't have to be all about guts and gore.
The Sunday Times- Style Mag  gave some great examples of  how sassy Halloween can really be.
Go the all out and bling up your bones.

My best friends wedding......30/06/12

Being a Make-up Artist it comes with the territory that friends will often require your skills for special occasions.  I was therefore honoured to be asked by my best friend to do her hair and makeup for her special day.

Prior to the big day we had a few tests one actually taking place whilst attending a wedding dress fitting.

 One bootiful bride

 Time to relax the look in time to celebrate
 Getting to be the one to make this bride look even more beautiful then she already is on her special day and be part of it, was a very special time.

And so the blogging begins......

Well it's been a while since I have been in the blogging circle, so I am back and raring to go.  Seems everyone has the same idea and it definately has to be the way to go.
Let me start by introducing myself, I am a London based Freelance Make-up artist. The aim of my blog is to give you my followers an insight into the life of a London Make-up Artist, showing you what I am upto in the industry, whilst giving you a few insider tips along the way, my loves even my hates.  In return if there is anything I can help inspire you with, I will try to oblige.....that way we can all be Kings of Make-Up!
Well what more can I say, I hope you enjoy!