27 April 2015

Spring beauty cleaning!

It was lovely to see such spring shades in Topshop, in the make-up stakes.  Their range of nail varnishes are a lovely array of nudes and pastels, perfect for any spring time occasion.

I was only saying the other week, it would be nice if they brought some more nudey, softer colours out, especially with weddings being a pretty popular spring time occasion.  

 And low and behold!  Check out the selection they have, the shades range from very subtle soft colourings of nudes and soft pinks to the rosier, berry pinks.  I am a big fan of Nevada and Lovestruck, and all of these will be featuring in my kit.

I have selected some spring time trends that have been hitting the scenes at present, I have particularly honed in on the trends that tend to lean to a fresher, yet still very pretty and easily achieved looks.  
Glowing sun kissed skin, is what Michael Kors was showing off.  Fan of contouring or a bit of bronze?  Bronzed, highlighted faces, with very little else is what you will find. Showing that it is very much all about that base.

Soft smudgy browns were being worn for Gucci (below)

Paul &Joe (left) and Donna Karan (Right)

These came in a mixture or soft Taupes, smudgy light bronzes, highlighting both the eye socket and under eye.   All are light and subtle yet still making the eyes pop,the variations allow you to remain light and minimal or move towards more of a sultry look.  Skin is again is kept bare and fresh.

In Victoria Beckhams show (below left), like Michael Kors and many more have leaned towards, skin was the main focus.  Instead of adding a sunny glow, skin was fresh and glowing in a minimalistic clean way.  Brows were preened lips were neutral and contouring was subtle and natural.  Bare Minimals was the theme and natural beauty could definitely be seen here.

To create fresh faced looks, such as these requires that skin needs to be well prepped.  It is crucial to start with an effective cleansing routine, ensuring skin is well hydrated inside and out.  That means a good moisturiser, lots of water and quality sleep.  A tell tell sign you are not hydrated enough, will be dryness, this can show on your lips with cracked dry lips.  Skin with soak up anything you put on it if it is dehydrated and that includes your make-up.  This can be seen when your make-up begins to crack up, and that is a very big sign you have thirsty skin.

Experiment with these beautiful looks and treat yourself to some springtime treats!