23 September 2014

BRRRRRRRHHHHH……It is getting chilly!

So it's been a while.  and if like me you have found, you have been a bit preoccupied in a few areas of your life.  Maybe it's time to make some changes.  I have Tough mudder in less than a month, and whilst I am a routine gym goer, my running may have hit the back burner a bit…ok a lot.  So this morning I was up and raring to go.  Well, that was until the chill in the air hit the back of my throat, both a cold realisation of just how tough, Tough Mudder will be and how October may have not been one of my best ideas!

On a brighter note, the chilliness also reminded me about the cheerier prospects that come with the less warm climate; toasty fires, wrapping up in layers galore and all things mulled.  So on returning from my run, it was straight into a hot shower, followed by a grand moisturising sesh.  Which i am sure you all agree whilst it takes 5 secs of our lives, it is a long winded process, which I am trying to persevere with. I have come across a pretty lush moisturiser by Dove.  Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion, with coconut milk and Jasmine.  Just one of the new scents on offer helping to accommodate this boring so called pampering process.  Some of us may prefer neutral smelling lotions and potions, which I normally do.  This one however, is far from overpowering and keeps my pins looking pretty healthy looking, especially whilst they cling on to the remnants of my Ibiza tan.

When it comes to cleansing, whether you chose a face wipe, cleanser or exfoliator.  We chose our cleansing routine to suit or day to day lives.  I know I have my preferred  daily cleanser,  but say after a night out and all i want is to roll into bed, at that moment a cleansing wipe is pretty much all i want.    I love a good exfoliation like the next gal, however it is not a good idea to do this everyday.  I recently made an amazing discovery.  It may have been at a festival of all places, whether 3 days of festival going was taking its toll and made me appreciate these all the more, in my mind these were a heaven sent of facial invigoration, having since returned they have remained a cleansing must.  Boots Tea tree & Witch hazel  Exfoliating Pads can be used daily, without aggravating those sebum glands.   In addition to using these purely as a cleanser, I would also recommend going over your face with a pad to prep the skin prior to makeup application, the pads gently exfoliate and will remove any grime, whilst the witch hazel cools and calms and the tea tree heels and fights off bacteria.  The pads will help perk your face right up, to give the perfect blank canvas.

What with winter coming and being a massive culprit for dulling, dry skin.  Having exfoliating your dullness away, using a brightening moisturiser to will then replenish the skin.  To give myself that little extra brightness I use a tinted moisturiser, using a pea size amount of Niveas Tinted Moisturiser is a great start to brightening up the face.  

Another good way to get dewy looking skin is to invest in a good face oil, many of us shy away from these claiming they will break your skin out, are too greasy or are just plain scared to put oil on your face.   If an oil is doing any of these, you have not found the right one for you.  MV Jojoba oil, is not only a natural moisturiser, it nourishes and protects the skin.  Whilst it acts as a great moisturiser, this product can also be used as a cleanser, makeup remover and is also organic.

If the suffering has begun, with dry cracked lips.  Firstly you might want to up that water intake.  Dehydration is one main reason lips behave this way.  however, if you have upped the water, give Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub.  Make this pot of pink part of your daily routine and scrub those flakes away.  Wash the excess off when done and your lips should be lipstick, lip balm or gloss ready.

Hopefully there are a few helpers there, to get you ready for the cool months ahead.