11 June 2015

The colour Wheel....

Hello hello,
So I know it has been a while, but I have been busy busy what with networking and of course working.  Hear I am though, and what better way to kick start a post then with a spot of retail therapy.

So a while ago I was flukily given some freebies and amongst them was a Gel liner pot, not really thinking much about it as it was a brand I wasn't familiar with, lets just say I am now.  If you need a Gel eyeliner pot that is easy to use, goes on like a dream and stays put for hours on end this is it.  Once this bad boy is on it's on.

I am now aware there is a massive Kiko store based in Oxford circus, however if you don't want to head into town hit it up online.  Which is what I have, keen to see what else they have to offer I went ahead and ordered Luxurious lashes waterproof mascara, Colour corrector Wheel, Smart Lipstick and of course a top up of that Eye liner, which is now a staple for my kit.  So far with all I have been pleasantly surprised.
So who are Kiko?  Kiko Milano, are an Italian brand established and founded in 1997, with the motto of "Be who you want to be" and a line of products to cater any make-up fanatics needs.

The lipsticks are easily applied, go on the colour they are meant to and moisturise your lips while giving off a subtle candy sweet smell, better than that plastic scent.

The mascara has a fibered chunky brush, which both grips lashes to lengthen and adds volume all in one, with that added waterproof protection.

I needed a colour corrector palette as I was all out.  I was sceptical, what with prices as good as these.  I had been impressed with Kiko so far, done my homework and read reviews on this palette.  However, you cannot afford to have a bad colour correcting palette.  I am pleased to say, this is both a neat palette kept in a convenient compact and it does what it says.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, when I refer to colour correct, please see below.  I have given a brief breakdown into what colour correcting is and what tones do what.

Kiko Milano Colour corrector wheel shades- Highlighter, Salmon, Green, Neutral and Purple tones as they show on the skin

Just a heads up!

Neutral- For when there is no particular issue and you really only need straight forward concealing.
White-  You need something to stand out use white to highlight.

Orange-  Great for darker skin tones and really dark circles.

Purple- Counteracts any sallow, yellow, dull skin.

Green- Tames redness, great for skin conditions such as Rosacea or that angry pimple.

Yellow- Good for counteracting purplish hues, bruising, or dark circles.

Peach/salmon- Creates radiance and reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Hopefully now before you go caking on that neutral concealer, wondering why those dark rings aren't shifting, as well as they should.  You can take a step back and assess whether their may be more too it.  Another alternative, drink plenty of water, get those zzzz's in and ensure you take on a thorough cleansing routine.

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