11 February 2015

Treats!! Paul & Joe spring collection

I have to say, it is always a treat to receive products in the post.  That is exactly what I received this week, from the lovely Paul & Joe.

I have been sent a selection from the Spring/Summer collection, which is looking very bright and breezy.  Not only are the products pretty in appearance.  The packaging they come in, make you not want to open them and keep them as a collectors item.  I obviously, soon got over this factor and ripped in to them, to reveal lipsticks, face and eye palettes and a tropical selection of nail varnishes. 

However, what has really caught my eye is their new Foundation.  Unlike anything that has hit the beauty world, for a while.   Gel foundation!  Not cream, not mousse...But Gel.  Yes it is a bit weird on first sight, on pressing my finger into it, it still seemed weird.  When applying it to my first client, it made sense.

This foundation is gel in form, goes on creamily, is absorbed and sets, as almost a powder finish.  The coverage is natural and can be used sparingly or built up to the coverage you desire.

This is a very welcomed addition to my kit, and should definitely be a welcomed addition for your make-up bag.


4 February 2015

Giving myself a boost with juice.

Having previously tried a full on juice diet, which at the time I am sure I bored the pants off readers and anyone in close proximity.  This time however, instead of surviving purely on juice, I have incorporated juice into my diet as a positive addition.

Whilst I dragged my feet at first, on hearing I would be supporting my mother and joining her on exploring, the oh so amazing Nutri-bullet, that everyone has been raving about (TBH it is pretty good, whilst it pains me to admit it).  But, once I realised I would not be embarking on yet another pure juice journey, and a simple added extra to my routine.  What harm would it be, to inject an extra bit of so called goodness into my diet?  Besides it would be there waiting for me in the fridge every morning, purely because my mum makes far to much and I get the leftovers.

I haven't dropped stone in 3 days humph!  On the upside my energy levels are pretty impressive and my skin has definitely improved.  Even that awkward monthly breakout has been significantly reduced.

Admittedly, I prefer some concoctions more than others.  I guess most things that taste bad, are supposedly meant to be good for you, even if they can be a little difficult to funnel down your throat. 

In addition to this extra nutrition, I have followed the thousands and embarked on a 14 day teatox, you may all be familiar with.  Bootea comes in a straight forward box, of so called detoxing in a tea.  Simply follow 14 days of tea drinking, beginning everyday with the day tea and then every other night supping on the night tea. Both work together to detox the body, with the night time tea acting as mild laxative....sometimes not so mild!  So I have heard.  Apparently, this teatox is meant to help aid the digestive system, by giving you a much needed intensive cleanse, to give you the results you desire.  So far I am on day 3, so I have a fair way to go before I see any changes if any, which I am hoping there definitely will be.
Watch this space.