4 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year 2015!!  
Just a few wise quotes to get you in the positive forward thinking mood.

So, a wee post from me just to get us raring to go, on the prepping for the New year ahead.  If you are anything like me and still very reluctant to shed those slippers and comfies, hopefully these ideas will get you a bit more motivated on getting your glam glow back.

I am a girl kinder set in my ways, at times I surprise myself and embrace change, but I am always a little scared to do so, regardless of if it is good and obviously very reluctant if it might go tits up and be bad.  More often than not it has been all positive.

When it comes to my make-up, this is an example of me refraining from change.  I am a black liner flicks and go kinder gal.  However, with my brown eyes, a terracotta contoured eye also could be a look I am open to keep up.  We all get a bit stuck in a make-up rut and let me tell you make-up artists are right there with you.

However, metallic eyes and soft contouring are the way forward, by all means work with that liner still, but instead of that harsh liquid line maybe lean towards a softer liner finish.

 Use metallic shadows to create a smouldering seductive eye, I love the above image how the gold glows on the middle of the eyelid, want something a bit  smokey and matte got for the below smokey to bronze eye with a hint of metallic on the under eye which will give you a subtle twinkle.

 Don't want to overdue the metallic?  Go for this very subtle gold metallic eye (below), keeping the lightest highlighting in the corner of the eyes, drawing the attention here and opening the eye up.  With such a light simplistic way of using metallic it then allows a poppy colour to be worn without looking too make-up overkill, and remaining very fresh faced.

To create an eye similar to the above.
Using Niki Strange Makeup palette for M&S, random choice as I still believe M&S still has that more maturer lady label, don't be fooled!  I actually stumbled across this palette on my mums dressing table, I have since nabbed it.  The shadow selection has everything you need for the perfect contoured eye, whether you want a mink/champagne eye to a terracotta/bronzed eye. Choose your shade and using the lightest colour as the foundation of your eye apply all over the socket, line the upper lash line as well as the upper waterline, this will give the effect of  fuller lashes and create a stronger lining for your eye.  Using the darker shadow shade blend/smudge out your liner to the outer corner of the eye blending it round the socket of the eye, giving that deep contoured effect.  Ensure no harsh shadow lines are left as you blend out on the brow, which should be blended out to a neutral lighter shade.  Whether you chose a neutral matte tone or a highlighter is upto you.  For you liner try Nars-Via Veneto no budging long-wear liner, great for when you want a softer liner finish, whilst remaining long lasting.  If you still feel it is not smouldering enough, by all means follow the line with your usual liquid liner to seal the deal so to speak, or if you can't bare to leave your flicks behind try vamping them up a la Gucci and Dior below.  if you feel it is too much as it is instead of a black liner maybe try a brown that can be a bit softer.

Frame your face by keeping those brows sweeping and full, HD brow palette - foxy is ideal for me, but check your colourings with the other shades.   Ideal for a defining brows whilst giving a soft natural finish, the palette range is great for mixing to get the best colour match for your brows.
Finish the eye off with Charlotte Tilburys Full Fat lashes...fat brush, equals fat lashes.  When it comes to a mascara brush I am very much all about chunky, a comb/fibered brush is great for initial separation of lashes but always finish with a sweep of a fat volumising brush such this one by CT.

A few brands you might want to watch out for and some of my choices from their ranges.

Paul and Joe cheek colour blush in Cinema.  Love those rosy apples, this bright coral pink is my must have in my handbag if i am having a break from Macs dolly mix.

Illamasqua velvet blusher in flirtatious gives a warmer cheek colour if you don't want to be to pink.  Softer in the way it is a cream blush that turns to a powder finish when applied to the skin.

Hourglass Opaque Rouge liquid lipstick in Raven red, similar to a lip stain, this stays put without drying and flaking your lips.

Becca Ever-matte shine proof foundation, if like me you suffer from that afternoon shine and love a matt finish a water based foundation like Beccas would be the ticket, with vitamin A and E and easily applied so that you can build up coverage allowing you to decide how little or more you like.

In terms of hair it looks like the ombre is very much still on the cards, so maybe brighten it up with a toner, I am loving the peachy vibe.

Mid length cuts are definitely a gower, so if you have been putting off having that chop take a look at these mid length styling ideas, add a fringe, be it short, full, long or standout short.

 As we know i love a plait, as I have the mid length cut myself and often wonder what to do with myself.  I know a tousled bed head look never fails along with this gorgeous half up plaited style.
 However, if you cannot bare to have the chop or just have luscious long locks try a full on top to toe plait or a simple one that frames the face.

Whatever your style experiment play and have fun for the New year!!