10 August 2016

Plump it up!

I have never really had any interest in cosmetic procedures, despite working within an industry all consumed by beauty, youth and how you should or shouldn't look.  Remarkably I have remained pretty un-interested.
However, for someone who pledges if money was no object maybe I would dabble in some procedures, but in actual fact I'm clearly not that bothered my features are what makes me, well me!
But recently I had been pondering on my pout...and well lack of it.  Particularly in photos when I smile..the result being a next to nothing top lip and a prominent bottom lip.  Having caught up with a friend who had had her lips done, not that you would've known, I then became more conscious of mine and interested in my options. 
I did my research on what products were used, read countless blogs on personal experiences, what to expect and so on.  Having done so the idea really appealed to me, especially as the filler product used, was a product we naturally produce, Hyaluronic acid not only feature in many of our beauty products..it just can't penetrate the skin.  Hence why it is injected as a filler.  I always had this stigma that fillers were toxic un-natural substances, they are very different to such products as botox a filler known to act as an ageing preventative and diminish wrinkles and silicone, which has been used in the past and had catastrophic effects.

Having received a recommendation and being the type of person, that once I have decided on something it has to happen now!   I was booked and ready to go.  
Above are my usual lips, which actually are a good shape, I literally wanted a little plump to balance them out.
Vicky made me feel very welcome and being a dentist by trade I felt reassured she knew what she was doing.  She asked what my goals were, to which I showed her some realistic lipspiration, she advised  I wouldn't get the same results from session number one, but it was definitely obtainable and I appreciated her honesty.  I maintained that I wanted natural fuller lips, nothing like what is being advertised in the world of fillers these days...each to there own but I knew what I wanted.

We then cracked on with the usual routine questions and a good slathering of topical numbing cream, whilst this worked its magic i chatted away and filled in my consent form.  Which becoming aware that my ability to talk was being some what disrupted by 3 applications of numbing cream...I soon was struggling with normal flowing conversation that indicated to Vicky we were probably good to go.
Using 0.6ml of Juvederm, predominately made up of Hyaluronic acid.  Vicky advised do both top and bottom lips and whatever was left would go into the top to plump them out a bit more.  she started at the top talking me through what she was doing, I like to think I have an alright pain threshold, so this was really nothing little pinches if that. Half way through she gave me a mirror so i could see the difference, which was subtle but enough. 15-20 Mins later and we were done

Admittedly I was feeling a bit duck like, aside from a small bit of redness, no one would know I had just had my lips done.

Above is the results literally after my appointment.  Vicky advised me to stick with the smaller syringe, as and when I was to top up, which ideally would be in 6-12 months.  This 0.6ml syringe creates a more natural look and my lips seem to take well to it.  The procedure costs between £230-£300.  (Break that down by month, it made me feel better about spending the money.)  

There is potential for swelling and bruising so ice and arnica is advised...painkillers are not as this promotes bruising, so if you can bear the dull pain after do so, I seemed ok with a bit of ice packing gradually through the day swelling seemed to diminish, but soon blew up in the evening...see above, i actually grew to like this excessive fullness.

Come the next morning all seemed to settle, a few bruises popped up...a bit the same as when you have a blood test.

After a good week, I am very pleased all seems to have settled down.  The red lips are back on and there is now a significant difference (to me) on my upper lip, especially when I smile.  In about 4-6months I will see how they are getting on and then may have a top up just to give them an extra plump.  I wouldn't want them much bigger then that.  If they get to the stage where people are questioning if I have had work done....I will have gone too far.

I just wanted to be open with you and give you an insight into my experience!