14 November 2012

Calling all magpies....

Stuck for gift ideas?...well I was, until a friend of mine was modelling a quirky little bracelet, featuring some random wording.  Where did she get this ingenious purchase?  To which she explained, it was a gift from her friend...who actually makes her own jewellery.
Words like Geek, Nerd and Douche could be be brandished round your wrist.  Now we all have pet names or special lingo with certain friends, so to honour this exchange of language, for one of my besties I requested a bracelet for myself (of course) with Douche spelt out, whilst purchasing one for her, with the word Dude...almost has the air of a friendship bracelet theory behind it.

The brand is known as Raffles Bizarre, and the creativity behind it is non other than a fellow Make-up Artist, Jess Heath.
 I thought of how I wanted my bracelets to look, by mixing up some of her previous designs...and she promptly made it to order.
 My own is exactly as above with the wording Douche...that's sentiment for ya, however you'll definitely stand out!

Check her out yourself at the above link.