15 November 2012

Always a happy sight, to come home too!

 Let's face it there is nothing better than the anticipation of waiting for your online purchases, well accept the actual arrival of your online purchases.
 Especially when your online purchases are shoes...shoes in the sale!
So here are my happy purchases, which I was slightly (just slightly) hoping one pair wouldn't fit or would look a bit rubbish......no such luck, oh well I guess I'll have to keep them both.  To justify this cause, most of us ladies will happily spend £70 more on one pair of shoes, well here I technically got two for the price of one and a pair of tights....bargain, so how can I deny myself!
 These just had to be in my life, ridiculously high...yes...but sooo pretty!  And then below we have the dress it up or dress it down wedged ankle boot, so versatile..... Two very different shoes, don't ask why I still feel the need to justify my new purchases to you.  As soon as I start to wear them I am sure the guilt will fizzle away with every step I take!



  1. I especially like the wedges with all those buckles! Buff!

    1. Oh jess, they look even better when attached to my leg ha ha!