12 November 2015

Something away from the "norm"....

We have all seen what can be done in terms of wedding Hair and Make-up, beautiful arrays of style emerge.  However, I am starting to feel that brides sometimes feel, as soon as the word wedding is let out of the box, everything becomes,  well a little too "weddingy".  Requests for wedding make-up/ hair seem to always have to be, well just that, Wedding hair and makeup.  I get a good mixture...the bride that wants to be all out weddingy and then the bride who doesn't want to be weddingy.  Neither are bad at all, but sometimes there is this pressure that just because you happen to be getting married and will be a bride, everything gets very bridal!  
But, what does bridal actually mean?  
We all seem to still have this stigma of very traditional, overdone hair (don't forget that toxic hairspray lacquer) with very traditional, very done makeup to go with it.  
Well, if you are anything like me and think you don't quite fit the bride consensus, rest assured you can still look very much like a bride that suits both your persona and your day.  Being a bride, much like your big day is as much about injecting a bit of you in to every part.  
So here are a few looks I have picked, that may not be the norm as far as wedding looks go, but are very much beautiful in their own right for all occasions.

Subtle 60's
Whatever the occasion the 60's classic Beehive, can be vamped up, relaxed or kept trad.  I particularly like the below image as it's subtle, but still just as much of a statement as its original predecessor.

Grecian Crown
Looking for something a little more styled...but not too much.  What drew me to this style, was the hair accessory originally, I didn't want anything too overly greek goddess.  I found this image and both style and accessory worked perfectly together, creating an elegantly styled undo.

Ethereal dream
Love the idea of romantic, dreamy hair.  The whole idea of this style gives off a naturally swept up style, when we all know behind the scenes a little more work has gone into creating this.  Using floral accessories gives the style a more fairytale feel, but these can be swapped with any accessory pearls, or a draped headdress.

Autumnal floral Hippy
Floral sometimes associated with more with that free love, hippy vibe.  Flowers bring any style together, if the style is looking to formal, flowers lighten it up or if a style just needs a touch of something something, just adding eva some petals of your favourite bloom can make any style come to life.  I chose the image below, as I have found not many brides like to wear there hair down, as doesn't look "weddingy" enough, but add a beautiful floral headdress like the one below and I think you'll pass the bride criteria!

70's Disco/flapper Glamour
Now, I know you think I've gone crazy.  I saw this look and felt it was studio 54/flapper, and why not!  The hair starts sleeked down, going into almost finger waves but then bursts into curls.  I happen to think it would look gorgeous, whether worn retro 70's style alone, or vintage it up, by emphasising the finger waved style, add in a vintage accessory and your flapper style is good to go.

Screen siren
Always loved the sleek, flowing locks seen in hollywood glamour?  Well, why not transfer that look into your special occasion look book.  The long finger waves through the hair look styled, but again in a hassle free way.  This look screams sophistication and elegance.

Styles to suit all occasions.