6 November 2012

Top o the mornin' to ya!

 Having signed off for the weekend, me and the girls headed for a weekend trip to Dublin, and what a trip that was.  We fully sampled the Irish culture, and were even encouraged to go and get drinking as we left the airport.  So who were we to deny the people of Dublin and their requests.

 Next stop after a night out was a full Irish breakfast along with of course a cheeky Irish coffee.

 As much as I would love to stick to the tradition of downing the Guinness, the best I could do was desperado's and shots of tequila, whilst stealing a Guinness beer Matt as a memento....After a few rather tense and competitive games of Jenga (Which I had forgotten how much fun this game was)...Tequila was very much welcomed.

 Of course, it is always handy to have a Make-up Artist on hand when getting ready, it was all about plaits for Saturday nights look, casual and practical, whilst giving a little something something.  So here's what I did to KC's hair.

 This french plaited half up half down style keeps hair out of the face, I then took it back and secured it into a plaited knot.  It is so quick and quite easy once you get the hang of working with hair, and really does make your average half up half down look a bit more special.
If your keen to see more plaited looks like this one, post me a comment and I will plait away!


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