3 December 2012

Ice Ice baby...

Want a fun night out with the girls or boys, well thats exactly what we planned.  For an alternative Saturday night experience we took ourselves off to the Ice Bar for a early Christmas night out.  Running slightly late for our designated slot, we were in and gowned up ready for our deep freeze.

 Straight to the bar we went, a bar like no other.  The whole room is what I can only describe, as a cave of ice....the bar was ice, thankfully I don't think the floor was ice, from what I can remember.  Otherwise I am pretty sure my seven inch wedge boots would not have been helping me remain upright.
 With the experience we had two drinks thrown in, which yes you guessed it...were served in chunky cubed ice goblets.  A variety of cocktails were on offer and despite being served in freezing containers, let me tell you these are some hardcore, rocket fuel concoctions.  Funnily enough I can't actually remember which ones I opted for...only that they tasted amazing, featured tequila and with the added cold rush definitely went straight to my head!
 Even though the experience was only A short but sweet 40mins, it was well worth it, plenty of giggles and picture moments, especially if you get a good group of you to go.
Check it out for yourself www.belowzerolondon.com.

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