12 November 2012

Plait playtime..

So, I said I'd be spending some time messing around with some plait ideas and here's a few I came up with.  Now I appreciate you are sitting there thinking and how am I to do this on myself, and all I can say is, practice really does make perfect...alternatively get someone else to do the practice to then do this for you.
The above was simply done as if I was to continue plaiting in a fish plait style, but I have kept it as a fancy half up half down, taking the remaining hair into a twisted chignon and securing into place.
The above are both alternatives on plaiting around the head, from the front to the nape of the neck.  
The difference being the top style incorporates an everyday plaiting technique, with that of a french plait.  As you would start a plait with three sections i have begun to plait, but only taken hair from the underneath, sweeping it into each section using a french plait technique. I have then left the top side of the plait free to lay on the hair,  doing this by not sweeping any additional hair into the topside of the plait.
The below style uses the complete french plait technique, therefore as I plait round the head, I am sweeping hair as I go into each section, so that the plait remains secured and flush to the head.  Once I have run out of hair to plait.  I twist the end of the plaint into a bun and secure at the nape of the neck.  I'm not a huge fan of neat hair, so often like to loosen the sections of the plait just to give it a more distressed relaxed look.

Play around with a french plait, I use it to simply keep hair off my face, wear it as a feature, use it in a quiff.
I love Fish plaits, the longer the hair the better these look, and once you get where your hands are going this, like any other plait is pretty easy.  Instead of the usual three sections combo you use two to start, scoop the hair over and in to create a plait, you take hair from underneath and work it in to form the tightly weaved appearance of the fish plait, almost as if you are recycling sections you used before.

Plaits resemble weaving, its amazing how versatile this skill can become.

 The above was the look I achieved for a wedding, perfect for a special occasion.  Later in the day I let the chignon down to give the style more of a fairytale free feel.

Give them ago, and if you have any plait ideas you want to share drop me a line.


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