21 October 2015

I've been shopping..

As a Make-up Artist you'd think my personal make-up bag would be brimming with the next best thing.  Not sure I should admit this but  it's not, I have to say when it comes to my own grooming, lets just say I have a more relaxed approach!  Now, I am not saying I am not clean, I am a 2 shower a day kinder girl don't you know.  When it comes to skin care, my routine is spot on. cleanse, tone, moisturise, done!  Come Friday it is a full on home facial, to me there is nothing better than the feeling of a hot flannel steaming my face and the subtle scent of instance in the background. I just also happen to be a big fan of the bed head hair chic and well my make-up is maybe a little on the simpler side..primer..on a good day, tinted moisturiser, blush and mascara a must...when i have more time signature flicks are added.

This is not the case when looking after my clients, that I have time for.  I take pride in my work and it makes me happy to both create a great looks, whilst boosting someones confidence, and when my work is done and that shines though, my job is done.  That's not to say I turn up looking like a scraggly mess, I like to think my appearance is professional, just not overpowering.  As it is as important to look the part, as it is to be able to do the job.  I don't feel the need to wear the contents of my kit, I sometimes find in most cases that can be intimidating and a little off putting to a client.  I have certainly felt this way upon visiting some big brand make-up counters/stores, and I'm a professional myself, so what must is be like for a customer, sometimes less is more.

Anyway, having had a couple of hours to spare, I took myself make-up shopping...I might also add I am not really a fan of shopping, I know what kind of excuse of a girl am I,  it just usually ends in tantrums, which I could do without.  I gave it a go on this occasion, the make-up bag has been crying out for a refresh and I had a few select items I had been putting off purchasing for a while now.

I needed a new primer, and as far as base went a number of people had been steering me towards Becca.  So, I was pretty sure I was on to a winner.  Not only are Becca's products well presented, they are not over packaged, so much that you lose out on product.  Some brands you get little amounts of the actual product and a mass of unnecessary packaging.  I also vouched for a setting powder, I love a setting powder, just nothing too overbearing I like light, but that does the job.

                         Becca Backlight Priming Filter 
                   Becca Perfect skin mineral foundation-Shell

Finally, I needed to try the Nars concealer.  I am a tinted moisturiser girl.  Therefore concealer is a must especially for that odd blemish and if I am looking a little worse for wear under the eyes..which with my 5am starts, is more often than not...humph.
Great little concealer this is!  A little goes a long way, the texture is creamy but easily covers, without creating that overly made up look, the finish is very natural.
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer-Custard

Let me just say...the proof was in the pudding my little splurge paid off.  After a day of working, and not one to usually wear makeup to the gym.  On this occasion I had remnants on.  I was stopped my my PT, post work out, I might add. To be told how great my skin looked, I was chuffed with that.  So if that was not enough to make you join me by adding these beauties to your kit I don't know what will.