4 December 2015

Try a Pre-Tox...

You heard right, a Pre-tox.  This is my getting ready for the festive season.  I am not talking about a fad juice session, more an extra boost to support the immune system.  Save the detox for after the chrimbo/NYE damage!

I'd been asking myself why my complexion was dull and tired, my energy low.  I merely put it down to my early starts, and the fact winter is coming.  However, that did not explain my rubbish nails situation, they were literally breaking off at the drop of a hat.  Meaning in my line of work, they stood no chance, my hands are constantly in use and constantly being washed.
Now I love fruit and veg, and therefore try to incorporate it within most, if not all meals.  So why are those powerful nutrients, not finding there way to the required places in my body?

Then I remembered my juice diet fad, which worked wonders for my complexion, nails and immune system.  My energy was good, it may not have lost me the pounds I was hoping for, but i certainly looked well, inside and out.

So this time I am using a morning Nutri-bullet/Green juice, as an addition to my diet accompanied by a hot water and lemon.  I am not talking a mass pint of juice,  I have a small juice mostly made up of green leafy veg, such as Kale or spinach, half an apple or Pear, add herbs such as parsley, Ginger etc and slice of avocado for some good fats.   Make up whatever combination you want, but maybe read up on your needs and choose mixes that lean to aid these issues.

My advice is if you have a special event and you want that glowing clear complexion, start that juicing asap.  Alongside this follow a good facial cleansing routine, down the water to keep yourself hydrated, if you can't bear cold water in the current climate I sip on hot lemon water throughout the day.  By doing this you are on the road to that long overdue glow.  Since juicing I have had many the compliment on my skin
No filter, although a lil disheveled. 

Although not massively long, this is a record for me!

My nails have grown and remained strong.  Many of my friends and family have been hit with the dreaded lurgy, which I also have been threatened with those tell tell sick signs...however,  come the next day they have been kept at bay and my energy is back to normal.  Stop with excuses, it takes no time at all even at 5am i have time to whizz one of these up, they don't have to be expensive as really what do some apples and a bag of spinach cost.  
Give it a go and thank me later!