29 January 2013

Kamers Bollywood vs British wedding

5.30am start in London Town...

Bridal Make-up begins with a wee bit of behind the scenes papping!

 One massive donut attached and some final pinning and we are on course.

 Kate looking Beautiful

 Lil Make-up artist and very happy calm Bride.

 Ready to go and in time for the sun to join us for the day!

 Now for a bit of Maid Of Honour tweaking.

 Finally we are good to go with a very happy Bride and Maid Of Honour.

 Just One of Kates'  dresses for the day, which she started in true Asian style, before later slipping in to a lovely vintage inspire Lace creation for the remainder of her very fabulous day.  

Good luck Kate and Amers!


21 January 2013

CC vs BB!!

With the craze for the ever popular BB creams dare I say it, finally dying down.  Women everywhere have found out just how beneficial, this magical Beauty Balm is.  Not just a fabulous multi-purpose product,  BB's are packed full of anti-oxidant ingredients, which in tern give a natural light coverage, that evens skin tone, whilst claiming to also nourish the skin enhancing all natural beauty.  It just can't get better than that........Or can it??

Meet the CC Cream, standing for complete correction, this little beauty does everything that a BB cream does and then some more!!  In short it has all the benefits of a BB cream, with more coverage and fewer silicones in the formula.
I have included just a few brands that are whipping out some pretty impressive BB and CC creams, ranging from the pricier side to the more cost effective.

7 January 2013

Happy new year!....Your 2013 detox is here.

 2013 is finally here!!
I'm sure you're feeling the effects of the party season.  Routines may have slipped a bit, so why not get the New Year off to a bigger bang, by getting back on track.  Not only is it a New Year, but it can be a new approach to the way you take care of number 1...starting with body and mind.  Here are a few SOS products to get stuck in to.

Blank canvas

Want that minimalistic, fresh face?  Give you daily cleansing routine a revamp with these hot products.  Your everyday cleansing routine should include cleansing, toning and moisturising, with a side of plenty of water.  I make it part of my routine to add some vitamins, by having a Vitamin C effervescent energising tablet everyday.  This gives me that wee boost i need.  (always check with a health food store/pharmacist that this is ok for you)
This dual purpose scrub acts as a cleanser and exfoliator in one, with the added help of volcanic ash to rid the skin of impurities, whilst leaving the skin soft and moisturised.  

Unlike the usual harsh, drying, face cracking masks.  This foaming/gel mask, is packed full of nutrient, hydrating ingredients, which lock in moisture, detox the face and balance the skin.
Feeling like the winter weather has left its stamp on your skin.  Well inject some life back into it, with these two Bodyshop must haves.  Give the skin an intense hit of hydration, with their Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream, follow on by adding a natural glow, with this Vitamin C Boost.  This skin  reviver contains light reflecting particles, enhancing your natural radiance, leaving a silky finish.  So it can be worn alone or under make-up.
Keep your base light with a good tinted moisturiser.  If you aren't quite ready for that, try Estee Lauders Double wear light.  This does everything a foundation should do, on a much lighter scale, giving you that minimal make-up feel with all the added benefits.

 Flush out

 Want an instant detox? give Bikram yoga a go.  I am not going to lie, it's not an enjoyable experience.  However,  if anything is going to clear body, mind and soul, this will.  I noticed the benefits, after just 3 sessions.  I signed up to a 14 day trial and managed to squeeze 8 sessions in and would definitely keep it up.  Made up of 26 poses, performed in a heated room one class in itself will act as the perfect new year flush out, whilst bringing back that natural inner glow.  

 Body Combat

 Take some time to unwind with a good ol' soak.  Elemental Herbology's Detox Bath soak holds an array of anti-oxidant, skin soothing ingredients.  Invigorate the mind, whilst ridding the body of  toxins and fluid retention.

There is a big hype surrounding body oils right now, or should I say wonder oils.  These multi-purpose oils are brilliant as a moisturiser with the added extra benefits of soothing most skin issues.  Nip and Fabs Multi-fix oil, not only is great for the body relieving dryness, working to fade scars and stretch marks.  It can also be used on the face to fade pimple scarring, reduce bags under the eyes and work as a great anti ageing fix.  Let's face it we all love a multi-purpose product!
Another great all over moisturiser is Khiel's Creme De Corps.  Much like Palmer's coco butter, but with a touch of luxury and not quite pungent in scent.  This rich body moisturiser will rid any body of flakey skin.  

A final note!  Whilst your ticking off your resolutions, remember to add "Must remove all remnants of your night before bed", whether you use a quick wipe, it has to be done.  With all these fabulous products, there is no excuse, your weary body won't know whats hit it.