21 February 2013

Thankyou Beautyseen!

After a fly by visit, to meet up with the lovely Charlie from Beauty Seen PR.  I was happy to receive a lovely goody bag of Revlon's, up and coming line of new make-up must haves.

Charlie talked me through Revlon's new vamped up line, stating that they were trying  to appeal to everyone ranging from younger-maturer ladies.  With their new modern packaging and brighter eye catching shades...in doing so leaving there known "maturer lady" label well behind.
The above chubby sticks, which have been popping up all over the place at the moment, are both an easy, playful way to add colour to your face.  With these bright summer shades, a pop of colour will definitely be achieved.  Easy to apply on the move, I would also opt for using this as an alternative cheek colour too(everyone loves a multi-purpose product), just apply as you would a creme brush and work it into the cheeks for that rosy pinched cheeks glow.

Their nearly naked range of bases and powders, keep achieving a flawless base simple and unfussy.  Not one to use foundation personally, as I am a tinted moisturiser/concealer kinder gal.  However on trying these bases, found they were not too thick in consistency...I have even dabbled in using their primer before heading out of a morning, which says a lot for me. 

Check it out and see what you think.

Big Thank you to www.beautyseenpr.com


7 February 2013

Thankyou Chalk PR!

Being an avid Bumble and Bumble fan.  I was only to happy, when Chalk Pr offered to send me some of their new Semi Sumo- hi-shine, lo-hold pomade.

This little pot of gold, with its waxy consistency.  Soon warms up in your hands, allowing for easy application to hair. Banish away fly-aways, define your doo or give a bit of a rock and roll edge to your bed head.  It's up to you.

Trust me a little goes a long way...so if your tired of the hairspray shackles and want something with a little less hold, give this gem a whirl.
Thank you www.chalkpr.co.uk


4 February 2013

What shall we do this weekend??

At a loss of things to do at the weekend?  Well we certainly weren't....
 It has been 10 years since I had any kind of ink on my body, normally I get my kicks with spontaneous piercings.  So when my friend suggested we add a spot of random inking to our day I was only to happy to oblige.

 Check out my tash, kindly added by Paul.  I think he was quite pleased with my random request to have a mini moustache.
 Helen Opted to go back to her roots, with Irish Gaelic writing scrolled on the side of her ribs.

 A few hours later and I was set to hit the town giving my new art work a night out!

Check out more works by Paul and the team at http://www.tattoouk.com/. Obviously, remember a tattoo is forever.  So be sure whatever you get is worth having and meaningful to you.