7 November 2012

Plaiting up my weekend...

 After dabbling in some plaited fun at the weekend, it got my creative spark going.  So after a request to do a certain plaited hair doo.  I took the opportunity to look into some more Plait ideas, to see what else can be created from a simple plait technique.

 Sifting through Google, I came across these references, which show our bog standard plait in a much more creative light.

Whether your a fan of a french plait, fish plait, neat or messy look...these refs show you just how impressive a plait can be.

This weekend now having been inspired I will be doing a step by step on recreating a few of these beauties, and hopefully you will be as inspired as I am....also looking forward to the party season, these could be some handy tips to try for that special night out!



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