11 March 2014

Time for a change...

So after sticking with the routine liquid foundation, well in my case tinted moisturiser and concealer where needed.  Which lets face it varies on the quantity needed, as and when my face decides it wants to behave.  
However recently I was introduced in to a pretty amazing foundation/powder all in on, whilst working on a shoot.  By a company only sold on QVC, Laura Gellers Balance N Brighten pretty much does what it says on the tin.  I can be clambering in to the car, ready to dash to where ever I need to be.  With a sweep of my Kabuki brush and this magic powder, I am taken from the land of the living dead, well to the land of the living with an angelic glow.

(Laura Geller Balance N Brighten)

It works due to the marbled effect finishing.  Skin is not just one colour.  So where most of us are going wrong, is we try and cover up all imperfections, creating this masked effect.  Never a good look.  Balance N Bright gives your face a balanced finish, which in tern lifts the face, covering as it goes.  Feel free to do any extra concealing if you need any extra coverage and use Balance N Bright as you would a translucent powder.

(Bare Minerals Original)

So, I made it my mission to find similar products on the market, and some others you will definitely have heard of. Bare minerals, which if I am honest is the first i'd heard of, but I was always skeptical.  Use Bare minerals original powder, as you would any other base, work the powder into your skin build it up to the coverage you desire.

(Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation)

Finally Macs Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, another easy to apply base.  Designed to create a Matt velvety finish that conceals as any other foundation would.

The little compacts would definitely get my verdict, and opened my eyes to a fresh alternative, also say goodbye to shine, which i tend to suffer with in the usual places...my nose being a particular point of concern.  Well no more, and I don't even have to reapply until theend of the day if i really feel i need it.

Give it a try you might be pleasantly surprised.


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