14 March 2014

Duracell Juice!

Yesterday afternoon I got a hit of energy.  It was at about 4pm, so i waited a while for it.  I had a rush of excitement when I had forgotten I hadn't had my afternoon juice and practically ran to get it.  I know I don't know what's worse the excitement over a juice, or the fact i ran for it.  In my defense it is all have had for 3 days.  I was alright actually, not hungry despite my stomach making some rather weird noises in the day, by the evening I think my body had accepted life on juice and I was glad because I was ready to give in that day.  However, I decided that maybe it was time to ween it into meals again,  I had in mind, come Friday night i was out for dinner, and well didn't want to completely shock my body, as food and wine would be being consumed.  So I saved my cashew shake for the following day and got on with another juicing storm, altering my green shake slightly, by replacing the kiwi with some avocado and adding turmeric, known for its De-bloating benefits.  Considering I have been on juice my belly isn't exactly flat, so every little helps.  I also made the beets and apple juice again with ginger and a chilli.  I haven't managed the lemonade again...maybe I'll try to today as a final flush out.

Whilst the positives of this cleanse are a good flush out, I have dropped a few pounds (I am in no way thinking that is anything, but water loss), my skin which is temperamental suffering hormonally and from the fact that I can be quite highly strung and have bursts of stress, has slowly cleared and lastly finally energy is starting to shine through.  Some cons being the fact it takes so long for my energy levels to creep back up, is enough to make anyone miserable and want to give up.  A weird side effect, that I have incurred before when doing the elimination diet, that also consisted of just fruit and veg.  I had the most excruciating aches and pains in my lower back and hips, which woke me at 4am and no matter what position i tried to sleep in, it was not laying off, after an hour of wriggling about and just as sleep may start to sink in, my aches were not having it.  There was nothing more I could do, pain killers had to be taken and in no time I was out.  So that 6am run would have happened, but I thought it wiser not to push my luck.

 Despite my interrupted sleep, it was not so hard to haul myself out of bed, supping the usual hot water, lemon and ginger to start the day.
Me morning fresh, looking quite perky for someone who has not long been up.  So another day of juice, and all in all, I could really get used to juice being part of my routine, just maybe not in such a hardcore way.   Now that I am seeing the benefits it makes me want to continue maybe even till tomorrow, well just in the day and allow myself an evening meal. I think it would be realistic to say I could give it a go during the week, as a replacement breakfast.  Aside from that anything more, for me would probably be unrealistic and frankly cruel I like my food too much!

This is not for the faint hearted and you really have to have a lot of willpower, I had to buypass office treats, free food from our canteen and the usual emotional induced cravings, you will suddenly crave things you would not normally crave.  One of my best cravings was a walkers cheese and onion crisp sandwich with butter and on cheap white bread.  Anyone who knows me, knows that is def a no no!  Once you get over the initial shock of just juice, it's not too bad.  The odd winge and moan is allowed, but in all fairness you probably won't have the energy to even vocalise it!

I will update on the aftermath of the juicing, hopefully there will have been some long term benefits to this adventure!


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