12 March 2014

Juicy Couture day 2

I think it may have been optimistic of me to think i could run this morning, much as it was a lovely one.  My bed clearly needed me more, well i slept till my alarm, so I must have needed it more.

So boredom definitely does not go hand in hand with this juicing.  My advice, do it when your busy that way hunger pangs won't hit, well hard anyway!  I downed my lemonade cocktail before the gym last night, it is my least favourite drink I have to say.  This might be down to, having tried my hand at the Cayenne pepper water diet in my youth-I would not advise it.  So I feel gulping it down and getting it over with easier.  Probably didn't help that I put a lot more than a pinch of cayenne pepper in, and found out the hard way, that it was in fact hot chilli cayenne pepper.  I still managed to hit the gym for a weight session, and actually felt relatively energised.
Back to the grind to whip up a juicing storm, this time I have stocked up.  I don't think I can face more juicing marathons, especially not in this quantity.  When you have little time in the eve it's not exactly how I want to be spending my down time, so can see why people go for ready made juice cleanses.
Despite the fact it is time consuming, I whizz through prepping these bad boys!  As you can see I mean business with both my juicer and a blender.  A fruit bowl juiced and blended and I soon had enough green juice to go into business.  I also made up some pineapple and apple juice. I can tell the structure of which juice is drunk where, is going to go a bit awol, or more like as long as i'm getting a juice I don't care.

 Considering I had gymed, got in and juiced immediately.  I wasn't gagging to have my final juice, so I was happy to potter about, shower before having sofa time with my final juice-AKA Dinner!  It wasn't so bad and was more like a nutty milkshake.  I only got a pang of the green eyed monster, when my mum entered with her very appealing bowl of tuna pasta...oh god, why am I doing this again.  I am going to say a herbal tea diverted that pang, it did for all of a second.

Today has been slow, and whilst I haven't particularly thought of food.  I do find myself flagging a bit.  Usual jobs are more effort than usual and in all honesty I can't even bring myself to talk.  Pilates tonight and that will be about as much as I can do.   Granted I stay awake.

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