19 March 2014

Life after juice!

As I had always said, I knew come Friday eve I would be eating again! I lasted till about 2pm on Friday with just juice, before the actual process of downing anymore juice was impossible.  I'd rather have nothing than anymore juice.  So i settled for half an egg mayo sandwich.  What!! I waited 40mins, besides it was free. No one turns down free food!  Friday night was done in style, especially when I arrived for dinner, having cycled there might I add, only to find my bezzie had whipped me up an early biffday cake...well it would be rude not to right!  Admittedly I didn't drink as much and found, despite my eyes wanting to eat everything put in front of me...my stomach was not on the same page. (this I believe is a good thing)

I continued to incorporate a juice in to my day over the weekend and replacing one of my meals with it.  So far this week I have juiced every morning.  However on days where I have done more in the gym, I will eat well to support that.  The selfie of truth is below!

Excuse my shocked appearance, I am most def not a selfie queen!  Skin is clearer (Tinted moisturiser and minimal blush only), energy is good, especially as  I am waking up before my alarm and sleeping through, my cravings have also definitely been reigned in!

All in all I guess juicing has its pro's and cons as all these fads do.  I'd advise giving a cleanse a go.  It is not a long term plan....so 4 days max, unless you have unbreakable will power!

Hope you have found this insightful, and even if you didn't I most certainly did!


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