11 March 2014

Juicy Day 1!

Feeling sluggish and like the frumpiest sloth like creature ever!  Something had to be done, changes needed to be made.  My skin has been breaking out, stress levels reaching max, my gym mojo has been nowhere to be found and don't even get me started about my irritability!  Patience, I have very little of that at the best of the times, but I am worried for the general public's safety now.

So I have embarked on...wait for it..... Juicing! 4 days of juice, yes just juice.  I have already been asked this a lot "Just juice?", yes!..."no solids", no! just juice..."any meals?",  I'm sorry go back to previous paragraph about patience and the dismissal of it!  So just Juice.

 By the way I decided to do this, well yesterday.  And when I get something in my head well that's it, i'm focussed, i'm on this.  Off I toddled to Tesco, after doing the adequate research on D.I.Y juice cleanses, I found this one, it seemed quite popular. 6 juices a day consisting of 3x Green (kale, spinach, 1 banana, 2 green apples, 1 kiwi and I added ginger) the fourth a Beets and Apple juice ( Raw beetroot, 2 red apples, carrot and i added chilli well nought like an extra kick) this one can be alternated with a pineapple and apple juice (2 apple, half a pineapple, half a cucumber) , the fifth a lemonade (water, cayenne pepper, honey and lemon juice) and finally cashew milk to be drunk before bed (cashews soaked in water, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamon and banana).  This can be done for 3-5 days, I'm going to give 4 a go...but come Friday night I'm done, unless I'm miraculously transformed.

Last night I juiced my heart out, to prepare all the juices I needed for the next day.  Had I had enough bottles i would have made enough to see me through the whole thing, but it's best to only do 2 days worth as you want them as fresh as possible.

Below I have my 3 green juices, which i will drink throughout the morning and lunch, then the Beets and apple juice as an afternoon snack.  As I am heading to the gym I will have my lemonade juice whilst working out.  I have also drank herbal teas throughout the day, but caffeine free ones.

 Day 1:
The mugg shot, this is me at the start of my juicing journey...what I am hoping to get out of this is some glowing skin and a bit of a renewed energy!  Obviously some lost pounds would be lovely...they can stay lost too!  However juicing is never going to be a long term weight loss programme,.
I began my day with a hot water infused with fresh lemon and ginger, so far I have consumed 2 juices and am about to have my lunch....yes another juice!  I am feeling ok at the moment, no massive hunger pangs the odd twinge, but this is probably more boredom and the requirement to be really busy throughout a challenge like this.  I think mustering the energy later to gym might take a lot of willpower.

WTS...for tomorrows entry!

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