15 October 2014

Teal appeal.

Remember when it was on trend to add that pop of turquoise, to your summertime bronzed look.  How things have changed, this fall  Teal seems to have a certain appeal, and I am quite pleased.  With winter coming, we tend to go for the usual variations of smokey, plumy influences or the never out of fashion signature flick.  Don't get me wrong, I love them all.  However, adding a striking flick of deep turquoise can give quite a new spin on things.

As seen online in Vogues behind the scenes. Pat McGrath for Versace, was on trend with her take on Teal infusions.  Both looks show the use of contouring with colour, or sticking to a edgy flick of striking colour. 

Alternatively, if you don't want to be so "pop" with your flash of colour.  Follow in Elie Saabs' show footsteps, and enhance eyes with a smokey hue of Teal.

More examples of Teal creeping in this season could be caught in sundays Style Mag.  Where by both product and examples were shown.

Giving my own take, here are a few suggestions of how to wear your Teal.  for some the idea of make-up can be daunting let alone adding colour.  However, Teal may be turquoise, but it can be quite a rich tone and therefore not as in your face, as say a brighter shade like Aqua.  If you aren't so confident and want to look more on trend than, well…on tramp.  Maybe just a touch of Teal on the lower lash line would be enough.  If you prefer your signature black flicks, change it up and find a Teal liquid/gel/khol liner or even a touch of Teal on the lashes can be enough to open them up and ignite a bit of subtle colour.  if your a lover of the smokey eye amply change your chosen shade and have a play around with Teal tones to contour and shape your eye.

Remember don't over do it, if your choosing a glam eye, keep to a clean fresh base.  Maybe a hint of bronze on the cheeks, or even a matt blush like Mac blush in Cinnamon or Organic Cream blush by Kjaer Weis http://kjaerweis.com, which will give a real warmth.  
Slick the lips with a tinted balm, Aeos do organic lip tints packed full of all the goodness you need for beautiful lips, if you want neutral stick to soft peach http://www.aeos.net. or slick of gloss and your good to go.


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