6 October 2014

Love a parcel!

Big thank you to MV Organic skincare!  Having blogged recently about there Jojoba oil.  I was kindly sent a sample of their Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser.

Not only is this little pot of lushness kind on the skin.  It is rich and creamy, but not greasy and skin just drinks it up, so it does not just sit on the skin.  I sometimes feel grubby after moisturising, which makes me a bit slack on actually doing it.  However, the scent of this product is fresh, subtle and I felt far from grubby after applying this.

Organic products are becoming more "fashionable".  Fashion aside, they should be more popular due to their pure production and naturally sourced ingredients.  Ingredient are selected for their healing properties, to actually target and help various skin issues, without the addition of toxins.  Ingredients should be easy to distinguish, and more often than not, organic products are to the point and clear, making it far easier for you to know what you are actually putting on your skin.

Whilst organic maybe that bit pricier it pays off, and you may even be contributing to farmers of organic produce, as MV do when you purchase their products.  I would advise before you commit, shop about and look for the right products for you.  Always grab some samples where possible and see how you get on.

Organic does not just relate to our food, it means a purer skin routine too.


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