13 October 2014

Merry Berries!

It is now fact, autumn is here!  So a lot is changing.
Your beauty regime is becoming more nurturing against those cooler climates, your summer wardrobe is being shunted to the back of the closet and your hair and make-up is leaning towards the more richer hues.

However, just because it is getting colder there is no need to layer up everywhere.  Layering do's come in the form of:  Clothing- by all means layer up/texture up.  Scent- layer that musky festive fragrance within those layers. Do not!  Layer cake your face.  By all means prep and prime with a good bit of moisturiser or face oil and primer.  Just because it is cold, it doesn't mean you can't still have a dewy, fresh face.
I love the below pic, it shows exactly what I am talking about.  Skin is natural and fresh, whilst remaining dewy, with a statement lip.  Leading to my next point….Beautiful berry lips! 

Berry lips are back!  Echoing  a real vintage feel, berry, red wine, aubergine and grape lips are a Fall season must have.

Geek Chic:
Whilst lipstick has well and truly secured its' place throughout history and is definitely a quick fix to enhance your appearance, applying lippy instantly takes any day look into the night.  The simple act of applying lipstick, marked womens independence throughout the many eras it fell within.   Deep red lips paved the way for the 1920s.  It was within this time, flappers used a deep red lipstick to mark their independence.  Apparently acceptable to apply in public in the day, but not at dinner.

Whether it is the starlet look your going for with a statement matt lip, or a simple stain to give that plumper luscious lip.  A red berry lip is never too ott for any occasion.

Be it a Stain, Matt, Gloss or Sheen.  Chose you shade wisely and get that pout out!


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