7 December 2012

Christmas Decorating..

I have just been having a little scout of what's out there, in terms of inspiration for the party season and stumbled across a few references I feel are perfect to vamp up the party season look. 

Iced Bun!
Be it an up do, or keeping your locks down.  Here are just a few selected images I was drawn too, this one being a great slicked back take on wearing your hair in a neatly sweeped bun.  This worn with a clean base and sultry hollowed eye make up makes for a sophisticated moody look.

Tree Fairy
For a softer more angelic look keep the hair loose and add a bit of christmassy sparkle with a pretty hair accessory, or experiment with pins, feathers anything goes.
Keep things even simpler and work the bed head look, and work hair off the face into a dressed down pony tail with a twist.

Celeb Inspiration
Now we all love a smokey eye, and Christmas is  all about glitz and glamour.  I have found, that smokey eyes have been a top request, when doing clients make-up.  Two celeb references who are always rocking a well smoked eye, would be of course Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian, whether you want that all out black smoke or a softer look, blended with warm browns these two would be good looks to follow for inspiration.
Remember smokey eyes can be achieved using pretty much any colour.  Be it blues, greens or even plumy purples, just ensure you have a good Kohl eyeliner at the ready to frame the eye and  a good blending brush.

Illamasqua have a great smokey eye kit, including lashes, a key element to give a real eye popping look .
Another place to purchase a good set of falsies would be Shu Uemura, professionals in some pretty extravagant designs, whilst still holding a great selection in more natural styles if your not quite ready for that eye bling.

If you like to keep your bling to just vamping up your nails, there are some pretty vibrant nail varnishes on the scene.  Lines such as Butter London, Illamasqua and Ciate have a great selection of glitzy lacquers.  Butter London especially caught my eye...their names are just as exciting as the colours themselves.

Fairy cake

Henley Regatta
The Black Knight....I love this one, but then again I love any dark nail colours!

Illamasqua have some nifty duo sets, with some great shades to try.

Just a few bits to get you thinking forward for what you need to accompany that lil black dress.



  1. Love the hairstyles, I am absolutely awful at hair, I wish I could afford to take a course in it!


  2. Ha ha for the record...these are not actualy my attempts, I can do them...but just liked the refs.

    Practice practice makes perfect...god I hate that cliched saying!