2 March 2015

The Richmond Wedding show

Another Sunday, another wedding fair.  Whilst a wee bit breezy it was a lovely day for it and I was excited/nervous!

Off I headed to the lovely Richmond Hill Hotel, to set up for a day filled of brides and the odd groom, eager to set the ball rolling for their wedding.  This was also Story's debut, I would be showcasing the new site and getting the word out on the street, that Story are fully open for business. 

What to expect?
Well for me, I have to just await welcoming whoever may come my way, anyone and everyone are happily received.  However, I have found the usual response to anyone visiting a wedding fair,  is usually couples/brides with that look of a dear caught in headlights.  They all know where they are spending their day, after all they signed up to it, they know they are planning an wedding.  But for some odd reason actually walking into the wedding fair, is like they suddenly have made a terrible mistake.  Hey what's the worst that can happen? you get to have some chit chat, a few flyers thrusted in your face and maybe even some freebies thrown in.  I'd say that's a win win.

On the other hand, if it makes you feel better, sometimes we as stall vendor, the one trying to coax you over.  We get a little baffled and intimidated, as much as you do at times.  It just takes a bit of warming up all round, when we see that fear in your eyes, it can throw us right off.   My approach is not to try and sell, sell, sell.  More give you a bit of info and allow you to feel free to ask me more if you need it, or merely recommend you just visit my site in your own time.  I can imagine the last thing anyone wants is to be pounced on.  We are here to help at the end of the day, so use the day as a chance to soak up as much info as possible.  

On the flip side, for me a fair allows me to show case what I can do for any prospective brides big day, a Hair and Make-up  package or just Hair or Make-up.  I can accommodate additions, Mother of the bride (MOB) and Mother of Groom (MOG), that bridesmaid entourage you may have in toe, or just a treat to yourself for your big day.  Whatever your needs, I will do my utmost to meet them and make your planning/Big day easier.

Why would I have and Hair and Make-up artist?  i'll just do it myself....right?
Funny, I actually have this question in my mind, only because I get asked who would help me out on my big day (hypothetical big day at present)?  I just said, well I'd do my own.  
Then the cogs are set in motion...

Do you really want to be faffing with your own Hair and make-up on the day?  Well I guess not, most of us probably hadn't even got that far in the planning.

Wouldn't it be a nice treat?
One less stress to worry about i guess, while you just sit back and guzzle champers.  Having an artist travel to wherever you please, to do a trial prior to your day, to go through those ideas you have always wanted to see on yourself, but never had the guts to actually try out.
Your could make a really girly day of it, have your bridesmaids, mum, mum in-law to be over, they could even have a trial too?  Whilst giving you that honest opinion, that we all love so much.

Hair and Make-up artists aren't just for weddings, I do all occasions, be it your hen doo make-up, a hen doo party, where all of you would get spruced up, special events and even lessons.

You might want to do your make-up on your special day, but just need a few pointers.  I'd always be happy to do a trial/make-up lesson, along with recommendations of products you should have as staples and those pricey treats that are well worth the money.
All in all I would atlas recommend having a trial, just for peace of mind.

Why a fair?
Well sometimes you just can't do and see everything online, and when you hit a fair you actually see things in the flesh.   From rings, cake and yes you get to try cake...yum,  Photographers, music, it is all going on.
Sometimes you may not have even set the date, you might not be quite in that "lets plan and wedding" zone, so going to a fair might just make it a bit more real.
you can gain so much inspiration, see the do's and the don'ts, make a day of it with your bridesmaids, mum or even just you and the fiancee.  I would definitely recommend trying one atleast.

The Hotel was closely set near a lovely view of the Thames, which would be a heavenly scene for those wedding snaps.  I have found, just from working with weddings, not only do I see some amazing venues, it saves me a massive job of venue hunting for my "oh so" important hypothetical wedding I am planning, wedding Tbc, along with engagement and so on!

All in all the day was smooth running, there was a consistent flow of groups of ladies, couples and even a family day out vibe.  I was actually positioned as you walked in to the fair, so basically greeted and sent people off as they came and went.
Planning an occasion, check out Story if in need of a Hair and Make-up treat.


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