1 December 2014

Time 4 Tea.

Just the other week, I set up camp at Time 4 Tea's vintage event of the month.  We stepped back to the 1940's to showcase a selection of trades, including myself with on site vintage lashes lips and liner at the ready for anyone who wanted to really get into the vintage vibe.

Everyone was welcome along, and their was enough to entertain everyone.  The Chee Chee Gals were getting the crowds going, with moves on the dance floor, also blasting out some classic vocals.

All vintage needs were catered for, from the shopping experience through to the entertainment.  There was even tea and cake galore giving a real nostalgic vibe to the afternoon.

Time 4 Tea did a great job on arranging an afternoon of treats.  Not only restricted to fairs such as this, they cater for all your event needs.  Check them out at the below link.


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