23 November 2014

New team member...

Having recently joined the Paul & Joe family, over the Christmas season.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lovely bundle of goodies.  

After being talked through both the Make-up and Skincare by the lovely Jo.  I was then given a selection to trial out on my own time.  What really drew me to these products was not only the lovely packaging, which really does catch any ladies eye.   Anyone would be proud to whip a lippy out their bag, if it looked like this.   The beautiful bottles and elegant compacts, echo a Parisian, boudoir style.  Taking you back to a time when dressing tables, were an important household feature for any woman. 

skincare, glosses, lipsticks and liner galore!

The other attraction was the smell of these products, I love a scented product especially make-up.  Nothing too potent that can be quite overwhelming but a gentle scent, anything but that synthetic smell some products leave behind.  Paul & Joe maintains a subtle Orange flower scent through the line.  Gone is the hype of rose water, which can sometimes muster up sickly turkish delight memories.  Bring on the Orange flower, with its subtle not too sweet, not to bitter notes.  Not only the scent, but the fact other components, such as Jojoba oil, Mallow, Vitamin C and White lily are just some of the key ingredients making these super, at soothing, protecting and renewing the skin.  Originating from Japan, their general mantra behind these products, is to keep skin hydrated.  From your cleansing ritual, primer, through to your make-up application and there after.

I have been using the skincare ever since first laying my hands on it, and it has been dreamy.  I am cleansed and silky smooth, gone was any remnants of liner/mascara and I smelt damn good, even if i do say so myself.  Not usually one for a lotion and cotton pad cleanse, but this could possibly convert me.  Topped off with a few drops of the treatment oil, I am a sucker for a face oil, especially as a night time moisturiser.

I remember this make-up from years ago, as I always wanted their funky patterned make-up bags.  Back then their range had a basic selection of products.  Now! How things have changed.  There are a vast selection of products to suit a range of skin concerns.   Whether your skin is dry/ combination or oily you will find coverage to suit it.  Even the primers can be worn under makeup or alone as a tinted moisturiser.

Make-up product musts: Would be their protecting primer and blusher number 04 Cinema, I am a big fan of a rosy cheek blush and Cinema does just that.  Another fabulous product is their waterproof liner, which was still on my hand after testing a day later.  There is a huge selection to choose from and whatever your focus area base, eyes, lips and even nails.  I can imagine you will definitely find something to suit.


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