9 April 2013

Cosmetic A La Carte....Thankyou!!

A brand that has been serving us since the 70's.  Cosmetic A La Cartes motto, has been to make their mark on the beauty world.  Creating products that are not only simple to use, but work around you and your personal needs.  With a range like no other brand, if you need that discontinued foundation, that colour match lippy they have making make-up shopping a breeze.
Needless to say, when the opportunity came about for me to drop by and have a play around, I was not going to miss out.  Along with an additional surprise, walking away with a goody bag of souvenirs from the experience.  .

Once safely in the confines of Cosmetic A La Cartes, boutique surroundings...I was free to dabble with various products.  Yes, I reverted to my usual "kid in a candy store" persona, which often happens when faced with mounds of make-up. 

Obviously. Once home i carefully unwrapped my various treats, to have a browse at what I could get started on using first.
Having now personally used various products.  I can happily recommend some that stand out, as must haves.  Rose Dew primer, not only smells amazing, but it leaves the skin soft, refreshed and glowing I use this personally and within my kit.  Another great product would be the Creme blushes, especially the Bare Blush in Coral.  Easy to apply, it leaves a natural dewy glow to the cheeks, perfect for that sun kissed glow. 

So if you find yourself sweeping through the streets of Knightsbridge, head on down to19B Motcombe Street for some well deserved Make-up Therapy.


Special thanks to Portia http://poppr.co.uk xx


  1. Yay! I love their makeup too, they'd sent me a bunch a little while back to review and now I'm a little obsessed.