7 March 2013

Superdry Show 2013

I recently was lucky enough to assist on Superdry's in-house show.  Held at their flag ship store, off Regent Street.   Showcasing their new clothing collection, with a few extra exciting additions.  Opening the show was a pretty impressive young body popper....Who knew the body could bend and shake that way.  And of course lets not forget those other exciting additions, Superdry has taken the leap into the world of beauty, by introducing their new line of Make-up.

 With a great team of MUA's, armed with an array of make-up, including Superdry's very own new additions.  We were also joined by a great team of hair stylists working in Superdry's very own in-house salon.

The look featured loosely curled bed head chic, with clean, fresh bases and smudgy morning-after eye make-up, to give that edgy look, but not distracting from the great collection yet to be seen.

Superdry's new products come in an a great variety of colours,from neutrals to those bright pop out colours.  With some pretty alternative packaging, which reflects their style completely.  The funky packaged products, will not only be a handy addition to your make-up bag, but you will also have plenty of fun playing around with all they have to offer.  I particularly was a fan of their eye palettes (try using wet or dry) and lipsticks, which easily can double up as a creme blush.

Once the show was successfully over, it was down tools to relax and enjoy a cocktail or two, at the much appreciated free bar, thanks to Superdry.  Following on was an after party at The Box.  Unfortunately, this did not bode well with inconveniently falling in with my month of no drinking, so it was an elderflower mocktail and an early night for me.

Have a peak for yourself, at what Superdry has up its sleeve.


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