4 February 2013

What shall we do this weekend??

At a loss of things to do at the weekend?  Well we certainly weren't....
 It has been 10 years since I had any kind of ink on my body, normally I get my kicks with spontaneous piercings.  So when my friend suggested we add a spot of random inking to our day I was only to happy to oblige.

 Check out my tash, kindly added by Paul.  I think he was quite pleased with my random request to have a mini moustache.
 Helen Opted to go back to her roots, with Irish Gaelic writing scrolled on the side of her ribs.

 A few hours later and I was set to hit the town giving my new art work a night out!

Check out more works by Paul and the team at http://www.tattoouk.com/. Obviously, remember a tattoo is forever.  So be sure whatever you get is worth having and meaningful to you.


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