21 January 2013

CC vs BB!!

With the craze for the ever popular BB creams dare I say it, finally dying down.  Women everywhere have found out just how beneficial, this magical Beauty Balm is.  Not just a fabulous multi-purpose product,  BB's are packed full of anti-oxidant ingredients, which in tern give a natural light coverage, that evens skin tone, whilst claiming to also nourish the skin enhancing all natural beauty.  It just can't get better than that........Or can it??

Meet the CC Cream, standing for complete correction, this little beauty does everything that a BB cream does and then some more!!  In short it has all the benefits of a BB cream, with more coverage and fewer silicones in the formula.
I have included just a few brands that are whipping out some pretty impressive BB and CC creams, ranging from the pricier side to the more cost effective.

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